Saturday, December 15, 2012

Prestigio PMP5570C - Multipad 7.0 Pro Duo Review

Here we have a recent 7" tablet model by Prestigio. PMP5570C or MultiPad 7.0 Pro

It's a budget device priced at around 140€ (here in Croatia).
It comes in a nice carbon themed box that includes some boring and unnecessary manual (which is available in PDF on the tablet itself),

USB cable, charger:
a convenient leather pouch and USB OTG cable for connecting 3G modem or USB hub (keyboard, mouse, USB memory). All aforementioned things work and have been tested with this tablet.
Tablet itself looks...generic. At least front side looks that way.
On the front you'll find 1024x600 IPS 7" display with nice viewing angles and color reproduction, and a VGA resolution front camera. 
Display is one of the highlights of the device as competitors usually pack the usual TN panels with washed out colors and poor viewing angles.
On the side (assuming portrait mode) you'll find volume keys and power/lock button
On other side, you'll find a microSD card slot.
On the top and bottom of the device you'll find 3,5 mm headphone jack, microphone and 2 connectors.
There is miniUSB connector for USB OTG and charging, and a miniHDMI for TV-like connections:
Back panel is made of some sort of soft plastic (polymer) and looks pretty cheap, but shows no sign of cracking or squeaking so no complaints there.
Back camera is of 2 MP resolution and isn't much but it'll do for emergency situations.
The (mono) speaker is loud enough and I'll rate it as 2/5 as it lacks low frequencies (bass). But hey, you can't really expect bass from this tiny tweeter.

You'll see that there's a serial number printed on back panel which is hilarious. Why? Because this is a soft polymer that's prone to a light wear over time so I'm already finding that serial number pretty hard to read.

OK, enough about the exterior. Let's look at the device when it's up and running.
See, that's a really nice crisp IPS display. Please note, at this photo - the screen is at half brightness, so things can look even brighter than they are here. I'm obliged to say that it looks even better in reality than it does on the photo because the blacks are nicely defined.
What a transformation. A year ago you couldn't even dream about having a display like this in this price range. Kudos to manufacturer. 
Only complaint here goes for the sole fact that I got 1 stuck pixel on the display. Warranty covers 3 or more so I can't replace the device which is a pity because I'm doing them a favor and reviewing the device. 

The warranty is for the period of 2 years, and it covers battery for only 6 months so watch out. This is a little lame, but I guess everyone includes a set of their own warranty terms these days.

SoC is Rockchip RK3066 which means this:
-CPU: ARM A9 based 1,6 GHz dual core
-GPU: ARM Mali MP400 quad core (MP4) GPU
With the addition of 1 GB of RAM DDR3 memory. Pretty nice.

Battery is Lithium-Polymer, rated at 4100 mAh which provides about 5 hours of gameplay time and almost 10 hours of web surfing and such. Again, not bad
Update here: You'll be likely seeing around 4-5 hours of web browsing. I was way too optimistic about this.
Thing is, this again is not that bad because similar (Chinese) tablets are getting even worse results. But man, is this thing fast. For a dual core, that is.

It's fully charged with included (2A, 5V) charger in about 2 and a half to 3 hours.

It's Android 4.0.4. based device and it performs great. Antutu 3 returns score of around 9000.
All the games play really well. I've tried Mass Effect Infiltrator and NFS Most Wanted and they all played without any sign of lag or hiccups.
RK3066 is rated between Samsung's Exynos 4210 and 4212 in terms of performance.
When you'll be out of your games and try to surf around and things like that, you'll be rewarded with silky smooth user experience. The hardware literally chews the web pages.

Accessible tablet, I wouldn't say cheap because there are way cheaper devices nowadays.
Although not a looker, it performs admirably largely thanks to stock Android and powerful CPU.


  1. Thank you for the detailed review. I'm thinking of ordering this tablet from a shop but online and I see in most websites, there they usually name the product "PRESTIGIO MultiPad PMP5570C DUO" while on the particular shop I'm gonna buy it off just has "PRESTIGIO MultiPad PMP5570C" without any DUO at the end of the name. So it makes me wonder if the version I am looking at is a single-core or it's dual-core? In the specifications they say 1,60GHz Dual-Core ARM Cortex processor yet it doesn't have DUO at the end of the name.

    I'm afraid I might purchase a single-core version and get screwed. Are you aware if there exist 2 versions (single-core and dual-core) of the model PMP5570C?

  2. You're welcome.
    I guess you can't go wrong because the model name is exactly PMP5570C. As far as I know, and as far as their web page goes - there is no single core version of 5570C.

    Duo, and Multipad are just supposed to establish a product range of some sorts because Prestigio isn't a well known brand.

    Be advised that the battery life could've been a bit better because nowadays I'm getting around 4-5 hours of web browsing. The processor is fast, no question about it, but it does take a toll.

    1. Alright thanks, it seems I also have a chance to return the product in 7 days if it's not what I expected.

      Also what exactly do you mean by "but it does take a toll"?

      Battery life doesn't really concern me, my intentions are to run apps and more often games on this tablet. I'm not talking about playing high-end games but all sorts of games that are currently not compatible with my phone because of it's small screen and ARMv6 processor.

      It can run most of the games, right? :|

  3. Oh, you can play games with this thing. All of them. Even the most demanding games such as Need for speed, Arcane legends etc. They all run very very smooth.

    It has a quad core Mali-400, and I have not find a single game that doesn't run well on it. It's definately suitable for gaming purposes.

    Fast processor and beefy graphics can hit the battery life really hard, and that's all that I meant.
    I hope you'll be satisfied.

    1. Thank you so much, I couldn't find all these accurate answers from anywhere else.
      I will definitely buy this now, thanks again. :)